HPIN 109 Inspection Field Trip
To be qualified to do house inspections a minimum level of practical experience is required. This couse provides a foundation for the required field training components.
The new "Education" requirements contained in the Home Inspection Licensing Regulation (HILR) resulted in the development of the Fundamentals of Home Inspection Program (Program Outline).

New inspector applicants will complete
the Fundamentals of Home Inspection Program (HPIN 104, 105, 107, 108, and 109), with at least a 70% final grade in each, to receive a Program Certificate and Transcript to submit to CPBC as one of the basic licensing requirements.

e wishing to advance to ASTTBC Certification must complete all of the individual courses listed on this page with at least a 70% final grade to receive credit toward the equivalent ASTTBC Inspector In Training (IIT) course requirement. Once all the IIT prerequisite courses are complete, candidates can continue with the basic requirements to become certified through ASTTBC

The tuition cost for courses is determined on a course by course basis, and tuition is competitive with other providers for the equivalent material. Check tuition costs here.

For more information apply for the program or use the contact information found here.
Fundamentals of Home Inspection Course Outlines
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Fundamentals of Home Inspection Program
HPIN 107 Communications and Reporting
You can be the best inspector in the country, but if you can't communicate your findings to your client, you will not do well in this industry.

HPIN 111 Building Envelope Performance Principles
Basic Home Inspection education touches on the building envelope - Building Envelope Performance Principles provides a more complete foundation for single family and multi-family residential building(MURB) inspections.

HPIN 115 Asbestos Containing Materials
This course provides an introduction to identifying hazardous materials (specifically asbestos) in houses under inspection.
HPIN 104 Home Inspection 1 and HPIN 105 Home Inspection 2
These two courses cover the basic educational fundamentals on which house inspection is based.

HPIN 108 BC Building Code
Basic House Inspection education typically includes an introduction to Part 9 of the Building Code. A distance education version of this coure is offered by BCIT (BLDG 1500) as an option for all ASTTBC House Inspection applicants.
These courses are NOT required for the Fundamentals of Home Inspection and only apply for ASTTBC membership