So You Want To Be a Home Inspector?

 The Fundamentals of Home Inspection Program is approved by Consumer Protection BC (CPBC) for Licensing in BC.

The program is "Made in BC" and is continuously updated for relevance to BC.

The program also covers the content requirements for the ASTTBC CHI - the only professional home inspection designation recognized by statute in BC

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Get Your Furture Career Started at The Western Pacific Property Inspection Institute

Our Mission Statement: The Western Pacific Property Inspection Institute is committed to providing those wishing to become professional inspectors of residential real estate and commercial properties, with access to quality education despite work and personal commitments or living in a location which precludes attendance in classroom based programs.

We provide participants with the flexibility to take courses from anywhere in the Province of BC or beyond, while still continuing to work and live in their home communities.

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How Long Does it Take?

Because of the CPBC requirements for instructional hours, it typically takes about 6 months to complete the regular program: two - 3-hour evening webinars per week plus a "virtual lab" session which is also online.

Can this be accelerated? An option is available to double the webinar sessions to four - 3-hour sessions per week which reduces the completion time to about 12 weeks plus the "virtual lab".

Other schedules are possible.


How much does it cost?

Tuition is $3990 which may be paid in 3 installments of $1330.

An option for a single initial tuition payment of $3740 provides a $250 discount.

Textbooks are an extra ($200 - $300 in total).

This fee structure is subject to review in 2023.


Ongoing Support

All Students have ongoing access to:

- Course materials, recordings, and all updates to those materials.

- Technical support for help when you need it.

- Assistance in completing the requirents for getting a "License" (your education program is only step 1 of 10).

- Discounted access to commercial inspection training, strata depreciation reporting training, specialty courses for continuing professional development.


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Q: Why does "made in BC" matter?
A: In addition to providing the universal "Basics" of inspection, we also look at some BC specific issues like siesmic activity, climate (we have every thing from coastal rainforests to desert conditions), and a very progressive energy focussed Building Code. 

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